Must-Haves – Rag & Bone Newburys

Black boots in my wardrobe are my staple – I had 5 pairs: one flat, one stiletto heeled, one knee high, one studded and one plain.  In my boy’s books, more than enough to keep me going.  Forever.  Then at the end of last winter, I saw them – the Rag & Bone Newburys, and from that moment on I became obsessed.  Of course by that stage they were all sold out across the internet in my size.  So I took to what I do best when the going gets sartorially tough – I went internet stalking.  It took the best part of a year, but I finally laid my hands on them.  They’re my sixth and probably holy grail pair of black boots and I honestly reckon I’m finally through with buying black boots.  These are so comfy yet stylish and go with literally everything in my wardrobe.  I’m in love, oh yes.  You can still get them at Shopbop – run, don’t walk.

Pic via Donned and Delivered

  1. Shoko said:

    What a great outfit! Her hair looks awesome, too 🙂

    • I know – I’m so jealous!! She probably just rolled out of bed…if only we were all that lucky 😉

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