Cave Hunting in Thailand

I was in Phuket, Thailand earlier this year and man, what an experience.  It is such an amazing place with the friendliest people, yummiest (and healthiest!) food and wonderful sights.  I was lucky enough to go on the Hong by Starlight sea canoe tour with John Gray’s company where you look for “Hongs” or sea caves.  We were taken through the caves by our own local personal guide in a kayak (not good if you are claustrophobic!!) where we saw amazing eco-systems and learnt so much about how the caves were formed and the wildlife that lives inside them (bat, monkeys and jellyfish, oh my!).  While you’re in the caves, it’s so serene and tranquil…it sounds silly but it’s almost spiritual.  We were also treated to a sunset dinner overlooking the bay of limestone caves and we created a traditional “Loi Kratong” (a Thai lantern made of palm leaves and orchids) which we lit and set afloat over a sea of glittering plankton.

I urge you to go there as soon as you’re possibly able!  It was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had!





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