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British Fashion Awards 2011
WHAT AN AMAZING PHOTO! 3 of my favourite people in the fashion industry - Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss! Everyone looking absolutely stunning! And congratulations to Victoria for winning the Designer Brand of the Year Award! Well deserved!

This fashion pack looks absolutely stunning!  Loving Kate Moss’s red lips and fur gillet (I think it’s Isabel Marant?).  Congrats to Victoria!

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Do you wear nail polish?  I never wear it – I’m far too clumsy and impatient to let it dry, and when I do, it chips within an hour of application!  But this gorgeous nail polish from OPI is enough to make me re-think it.  Am loving all the awesome nail polish ideas lately!

PS.  Two more nail polish posts.  1.  2.

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Greetings everyone!

How was your weekend? Hope you guys had a great one.  We certainly did – we drove 1.5 hours and bought a gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer puppy!  She is so beautifully adorable, but boy does she have lungs!  Can’t wait til she settles down and we can finally have some sleep!  It’s so hard to be mad with her though, you look into those gorgeous eyes and you can’t help but melt :).

I’ve been reading frantically on the internet on how to settle my puppy at night – she’s great during the day but at night as soon as we turn out her light she carries on like a mad chook.  So tonight I’m going to try the following:-

  • Wearing an old t-shirt and putting it to bed with her
  • Playing with her until she’s exhausted – my parents’ Samoyed came over yesterday and played with her so last night was relatively peaceful (until 5am this morning!)
  • Giving her a warm blanket – I read that it’s best if we have a blanket with her mum’s/littermates’ scent on it, or a blanket with a hot water bottle, but we have neither so I’m going to try putting her blanket in the clothes dryer tonight and giving it to her to sleep on.

Great, I sound like a crazy dog lady, haha!  But she’s so worth the effort – this is my first day back at work and my heart aches for her already!


Did you ever read the Babysitter’s Club series?  I read every single one as a kid…those books are the reason why I am very shortsighted today!  I used to read them in the car, in very questionable lighting, in the dark, over dinner…everywhere I went I would read!

These amazing “safes” totally remind me of Claudia in the BSC series – she would hide her junkfood from her traditional Japanese parents in hollowed-out books just like these!  While I don’t have that problem, having moved out of my parents’ house, I’d probably gift these to someone and put some knick-knacks inside.  This shop even does custom books, so if you’re a creative guy with a bookworm girlfriend, you could get one of these made with her favourite book and pop some (engagement?) bling inside!

Hollow Book Safe - Harry Potter (Deluxe Edition)

Hollow Book Safe & Flask - The Godfather

Hollow Book Safe - Sherlock Holmes

From greenRstudio