Ballet Bonanza – The National Ballet of Canada

The Covetuer shot this at the National Ballet of Canada.  How gorgeous are the costumes?  It’s so fascinating to read about some of the crazy things ballerinas have to go through – respect, man!  For example, did you know that dancers go through 120-150 pointe shoes a year?  They cost $85 each, and for performances, a ballerina may have to wear at least two pairs!

The dancers wear about 120 to 150 pairs of pointe shoes a year. When I order, I order in lots of thirty and it will take about four months for those shoes to come. They are $85 a pair and they last about eight hours maximum. – Lorna Geddes

We have done several ballets in which the shoes have been dyed. The dancers have to sew their ribbons and elastics on themselves. That’s not done for you. You usually see dancers on the side sewing. – Lorna Geddes

This is Tybalt at the ball. It’s kind of like an 80’s Chanel look. – Grant Heaps

The shapes and the size of the costumes is really amazing. The height of hats, its not an exaggeration. It was a sign of your wealth to show off how rich you were by the voluptuousness of your costume. –Richard Hudson

This is the black swan queen and the white swan queen from Swan Lake. There is one move every black swan does, this one trick, they do thirty two fouetté. In the film, she didn’t do a single one, even the body stunt didn’t do a fouetté. She did zero fouetté. – Grant Heaps

This is the Sugar Plum Fairy. The black swan tutu’s are from Swan Lake. They are made of all net and are sewn to a panty and then are all connected together. There are usually 16 to 18 layers. – Grant Heaps


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