The Rare Chanel Archives

Jumbo rare CHANEL! This puppy spanned the entire wall’s length. Coveteur: Chelsea Zalopany

This apparently was big enough to span an entire wall!

Rare CHANEL had its inception at Celine Kaplan’s house. The brighter the color, the softer the leather, the more chochkies the better - all essential ingredients for a Rare CHANEL. Coveteur: Celine Kaplan

The Rare Rastafarian CHANEL. Enough said. Coveteur: Celine Kaplan

Rastafarian Chanel!!

This would be their over-achieving, super smart, genius child. This creation is exactly why we love Karl. Why make a plain red bag when you could make a red bag adorned with toys? Coveteur: Gucci Westman

A Rare CHANEL fruit salad. We’ll take ours to go! Coveteur: Tracy Taylor

Chillin'. Rare CHANEL styles. Coveteur: Annabel Tollman

We love the gold textured fabric and the use of the iconic coinage. Coveteur: Nicole Chavez

Via The Coveteur


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