Holiday Drinks!

Phew!  It’s getting to the tail end of the year!  Christmas is my favourite time of year, I get to catch up with all my favourite people, eat lots of amazing food and reflect on how lucky I am to be so blessed.  I always love making tasty and interesting drinks (read: cocktails) – last year mine was watermelon, mint and pineapple daquiris with rum or vodka.  These drink recipes look so enticing, I better start preparing my liver!

spicd pomegranate apple cider recipe

Spiced Apple Cider

Lychee fizz illustration for sneak like a ninja cocktail recipe
Lychee fizz

Blueberry Gin Cocktail

Blueberry Gin & Tonic

Pear Bellini

EspressoShooters Starbucks Espresso Shooters

Starbucks Espresso Shooters

Watermelong and Ginger Punch (this one’s non-alcoholic but it would be easy to change that!)

Nectarine margarita with fleur de sel rim

Pineapple White Wine Sangria


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