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Back again at work…d’you know that feeling when you’ve been on holidays and you come back to work and it’s like you never left?  That’s what I feel right now.  Like nothing ever happened.  But looking back on those pictures makes me so nostalgic 🙂 such is life!

Also Happy Chinese New Year to all! This year is the Year of the Dragon.  The Dragon is known as the mightiest of signs and those born in the year of the Dragon are believed to be dominant and driven by ambition.  Dragons live by their own rules and are successful, unafraid of challenges and happy to take risks.  A passionate bunch, Dragons don’t do things halfway – it’s all or nothing.  What Chinese Zodiac sign are you?  I’m an Ox and typical of an Ox, I’m stubborn as hell.  Find out what sign you are here.

In other news, I was so excited on Friday – after a wonderful date night with my boy and cuddles with my puppy, I moseyed on over to net-a-porter to check out what was new and I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Isabel Marant Willow sneaker in my size!  Needless to say, I clicked “buy” and “check out” faster than you could say, well, anything.  So I’m now impatiently stalking the DHL tracking site looking for any updates on my parcel.  I also managed to score quite a few other Isabel Marant and Acne items on MyTheresa but those pictures will come at a later date.

Hope you have a great day!


Does it ever drive you insane when you’ve organised a nice night out with your friends – think joyful dinner with wine, laughter and music – then suddenly someone’s phone goes off and they start yammering away.  Another person whips their phone out of their handbag to check a text.  Another person is tagging you on Facebook on their SmartPhone.  Next thing you know, everyone’s focus is on their phones and your joyful vibe is ruined.

Personally, as much as I love my friends, I’m tired of it.  So was Brian Perez, so he invented the “Phone Stacking Game” (also known more crudely as “Don’t Be a D*ck During Meals”).  The basic premise is that at the beginning of a social gathering, everyone takes out their phones and stacks it on the table face down.  The first person to check their phone loses the game and has to pay for everyone’s meal.

Brilliant, no? Even though SmartPhones have made our lives easier and sometimes brighter, our lives are not necessarily better.  Surely there is something wrong when we can’t let go of our phones for even a couple of hours to engage with real people in the here and now.  If you or your friends suffering this problem, I hope you give this game a crack!


That is the question.  For about 10 years I’ve kept a side fringe but it’s hair like Clemence Posey’s (and the entire runway of SS12 Isabel Marant) that make me want to grow it out.  The problem is my hair is very, very straight and not having a fringe makes me think I would look fairly severe…but this simple wavy look is soooooo nice!


Pic via here.

Inspired by this post, it got me thinking about what sort of wedding dress I want.  My boy and I have been together for 9.5 years (whoa…time sure flies) and the idea of wearing a white or conventional wedding dress doesn’t seem to make sense somehow.  The other thing about not wearing a white wedding dress is that you can (possibly) wear the dress again if you had another occasion to wear it to!

These dresses are my picks IF the day ever came to say “I Do”.

Reem Acra

3.1 Phillip Lim

Matthew Williamson


It’s finally starting to feel like a real summer here!  So of course, when the mercury starts to rise, you start to think of ways to cool off.  I came across these gorgeous pictures of Whitepod, a “hotel” in the Swiss Alps.  Its “rooms” are domed tents – there are only 15 rooms, and the hotel offers 7km of ski slopes and private lifts.  Just looking at it makes me feel cooler!

PS.  What do you think of this new “glamping” (luxury camping) phenomenon we’ve got going?  It feels like “glamping” is the new it word…much like “metro” was years before.

Plus super cute pictures of a harp seal.  Just cause.

The Canadian Harp Seal beams for the camera

The Canadian Harp Seal look all snug in the snow

Hotel via here.  Seal via here.