Cool off…

It’s finally starting to feel like a real summer here!  So of course, when the mercury starts to rise, you start to think of ways to cool off.  I came across these gorgeous pictures of Whitepod, a “hotel” in the Swiss Alps.  Its “rooms” are domed tents – there are only 15 rooms, and the hotel offers 7km of ski slopes and private lifts.  Just looking at it makes me feel cooler!

PS.  What do you think of this new “glamping” (luxury camping) phenomenon we’ve got going?  It feels like “glamping” is the new it word…much like “metro” was years before.

Plus super cute pictures of a harp seal.  Just cause.

The Canadian Harp Seal beams for the camera

The Canadian Harp Seal look all snug in the snow

Hotel via here.  Seal via here.

    • i know! don’t you just want to cuddle it? my parents have a samoyed dog and when he was a puppy he looked exactly like a harp seal!

      • Oh! Maybe that’s it. We had a samoyed dog when I was a kid, and then when I was a little older, I was given a gift – a half chow chow, half samoyed. She, Laika, is around no longer though maybe it was the samoyed influence that has stayed with me and influenced me. Wow – I never thought of it this way. Though the photos make me smile so much. I love them 🙂

      • oh wow i would love to see a photo of Laika! half chow chow/half samoyed sounds so cute!!

      • Hi! I was hoping to use these two seal images on my blog – akin to my inspiration posts, eg:
        Is this possible? Shall I credit the images to you? Thanks!

      • Hi there! i’m sorry i only just saw this comment now – of course you may use the seal images! just credit me and my original source, that’s definitely fine. thank you so much!

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