Phone Stacking Game

Does it ever drive you insane when you’ve organised a nice night out with your friends – think joyful dinner with wine, laughter and music – then suddenly someone’s phone goes off and they start yammering away.  Another person whips their phone out of their handbag to check a text.  Another person is tagging you on Facebook on their SmartPhone.  Next thing you know, everyone’s focus is on their phones and your joyful vibe is ruined.

Personally, as much as I love my friends, I’m tired of it.  So was Brian Perez, so he invented the “Phone Stacking Game” (also known more crudely as “Don’t Be a D*ck During Meals”).  The basic premise is that at the beginning of a social gathering, everyone takes out their phones and stacks it on the table face down.  The first person to check their phone loses the game and has to pay for everyone’s meal.

Brilliant, no? Even though SmartPhones have made our lives easier and sometimes brighter, our lives are not necessarily better.  Surely there is something wrong when we can’t let go of our phones for even a couple of hours to engage with real people in the here and now.  If you or your friends suffering this problem, I hope you give this game a crack!


1 comment
  1. D said:

    haha yes phone stacking! we haven’t gotten around to trying it yet, but it’s definitely on the to-do list.

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