That first pic almost literally made me stop breathing….such beautiful patterns!

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That is the question.  For about 10 years I’ve kept a side fringe but it’s hair like Clemence Posey’s (and the entire runway of SS12 Isabel Marant) that make me want to grow it out.  The problem is my hair is very, very straight and not having a fringe makes me think I would look fairly severe…but this simple wavy look is soooooo nice!


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As a kid I had really bad eczema – I was a regular fish, ducking in and out of chlorinated pools.  In my adult days it’s not so bad, but when I get it, it’s extremely unattractive.  Since coming back from Cambodia, my skin seems to have reverted to its scratchy ways and I was itching to get a cure.  My mum found this for me at our local chemist and literally in minutes, my skin stopped itching, in hours it was no longer read or raised and in a day I forgot it was even there.  I also have horribly dry legs (to the point where my boyfriend call it crocodile skin) and I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement.

Good news is they also ship internationally!  Give it a go – you will not regret it!