Definitely need some of these in my house.  I’ve been trying to shop around for unique and fun prints – Etsy’s definitely a major one but I really love these too.  I can’t wait to start properly decorating my house – I need to pull my finger out and get it DONE.  I’ve got swatches blu-tacked everywhere and everytime friends come over they’re like “oh…you still haven’t painted that wall?”.

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Since everyone at fashion week is totally going all 80’s revival neon, why not bring a little something neon into your home life too?  Could be just the thing to add a little pop of interest to your casa.

PS.  I’ve done a little blog revamp – you like?  What do you think?  Better or worse?

Did you ever read the Babysitter’s Club series?  I read every single one as a kid…those books are the reason why I am very shortsighted today!  I used to read them in the car, in very questionable lighting, in the dark, over dinner…everywhere I went I would read!

These amazing “safes” totally remind me of Claudia in the BSC series – she would hide her junkfood from her traditional Japanese parents in hollowed-out books just like these!  While I don’t have that problem, having moved out of my parents’ house, I’d probably gift these to someone and put some knick-knacks inside.  This shop even does custom books, so if you’re a creative guy with a bookworm girlfriend, you could get one of these made with her favourite book and pop some (engagement?) bling inside!

Hollow Book Safe - Harry Potter (Deluxe Edition)

Hollow Book Safe & Flask - The Godfather

Hollow Book Safe - Sherlock Holmes

From greenRstudio

Gah, between blogs and Etsy, it’s no wonder I moan that I have no time when I get home from work.  New year’s resolution – better time management skills, I promise.  In the meantime, this Etsy shop, Modish Vintage, should lure you from your productive working days into potential insolvency and bankruptcy.

vintage teak Danish viking figure

vintage solid brass apple dish

modern salt and pepper shakers / teakwood / biomorphic animal figure