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My boy’s a dentist and he has a tradition every Friday that he calls “Crazy Sock Friday”.  He says his patients, especially the kiddies, love it.  And why wouldn’t they, they certainly brighten up an outfit!  These photographs by Backyard Bill are some inspiration for you to start your own “Crazy Sock Friday”.

It’s finally starting to feel like a real summer here!  So of course, when the mercury starts to rise, you start to think of ways to cool off.  I came across these gorgeous pictures of Whitepod, a “hotel” in the Swiss Alps.  Its “rooms” are domed tents – there are only 15 rooms, and the hotel offers 7km of ski slopes and private lifts.  Just looking at it makes me feel cooler!

PS.  What do you think of this new “glamping” (luxury camping) phenomenon we’ve got going?  It feels like “glamping” is the new it word…much like “metro” was years before.

Plus super cute pictures of a harp seal.  Just cause.

The Canadian Harp Seal beams for the camera

The Canadian Harp Seal look all snug in the snow

Hotel via here.  Seal via here.

What advice did your parents give you growing up?  Did you listen?  I wish I had listened more than I did…but them’s the breaks of old age.  Chaco Puebla’s project, Grandmother’s Tips, documents the advice he wishes his parents had dished out and combines his sister’s photography talent, his grandmother’s modelling skills and his passion for typography in one very cute and wise package!

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Did you ever read the Babysitter’s Club series?  I read every single one as a kid…those books are the reason why I am very shortsighted today!  I used to read them in the car, in very questionable lighting, in the dark, over dinner…everywhere I went I would read!

These amazing “safes” totally remind me of Claudia in the BSC series – she would hide her junkfood from her traditional Japanese parents in hollowed-out books just like these!  While I don’t have that problem, having moved out of my parents’ house, I’d probably gift these to someone and put some knick-knacks inside.  This shop even does custom books, so if you’re a creative guy with a bookworm girlfriend, you could get one of these made with her favourite book and pop some (engagement?) bling inside!

Hollow Book Safe - Harry Potter (Deluxe Edition)

Hollow Book Safe & Flask - The Godfather

Hollow Book Safe - Sherlock Holmes

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