Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase may some money fly miraculously into my bank account!

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Hello all!

Hope you had fabulous weekends!  Friday night it was absolutely pouring with rain and I was very tempted not to venture out but I’m glad I did!  We went to a charming bar called “Rumpus Room” in West End and caught up with some friends from high school (which is *gulp* 10 years ago), one of whom is my oldest friend!  Saturday was spent shopping with my best friend and despite my vows not to buy anything, I ended up with a work dress, belt and clutch….whoops!  Finished off the weekend with sangria and buying our final dining chair from Ikea (we’d been slowly buying them over a year because our car couldn’t fit them but then they sold out and we were having massive panic attacks!  Luckily we randomly stumbled across them and snapped it up super quick!  Now we finally have a complete set of 8!)



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I wish I was…

  • Away from here – it’s raining and it’s been raining for about three weeks.  I ruined my work pair of shoes and quite frankly, I’m not prepared to lose anymore shoes to rain
  • Eating something – I’m always hungry
  • Reading Anna Karenina – I’ve been meaning to do that for 100 years
  • Not flat-footed – it sucks and I can’t run properly
  • Hugging my puppy, Peach – looking into her eyes is like finding true, unconditional love
  • Not going out to dinner/drinks tonight – see first point…it’s raining.

That’s my bits and pieces for today!  What are you up to right now?

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Definitely need some of these in my house.  I’ve been trying to shop around for unique and fun prints – Etsy’s definitely a major one but I really love these too.  I can’t wait to start properly decorating my house – I need to pull my finger out and get it DONE.  I’ve got swatches blu-tacked everywhere and everytime friends come over they’re like “oh…you still haven’t painted that wall?”.

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