I was absolutely floored when I saw the Free People March Catalogue this morning – totally amazing photos, and now I’m even more excited about my holiday!  I’m going on a South-East Asia adventure in early April.  First stop is Laos for elephant trekking, hiking, temple-hopping and tubing, followed by Vietnam where we’ll be dodging motorcycles, drinking beer and cruising Halong Bay.  I hope to fit in a farm-stay with a local family somewhere along the way!  Then it’s off to Bangkok for food and shopping.  I cannot wait!!!!!!


Pics via here


Interacting with elephants?  Check.  River boat excursions along the Mekong River?  Check.  Holistic spa amidst a bamboo jungle?  Check.  Mahout training?  Check.  Check.  Check.  Check me in ASAP please.

Go on.  Spoil yourself here.

It’s finally starting to feel like a real summer here!  So of course, when the mercury starts to rise, you start to think of ways to cool off.  I came across these gorgeous pictures of Whitepod, a “hotel” in the Swiss Alps.  Its “rooms” are domed tents – there are only 15 rooms, and the hotel offers 7km of ski slopes and private lifts.  Just looking at it makes me feel cooler!

PS.  What do you think of this new “glamping” (luxury camping) phenomenon we’ve got going?  It feels like “glamping” is the new it word…much like “metro” was years before.

Plus super cute pictures of a harp seal.  Just cause.

The Canadian Harp Seal beams for the camera

The Canadian Harp Seal look all snug in the snow

Hotel via here.  Seal via here.

Sorry for the long…long…long silence.  I’ve been on holidays in Cambodia and at the end of last year, I just couldn’t find anything to inspire me.  I don’t know whether it was end-of-year-itis, boredom or just general over-it-ness, but I’m back and I can’t wait to herald this new year with a bang!  I’ve got a good feeling about this year, I reckon it’s going to be a cracker!

What are your resolutions?  I never make resolutions (I hate giving promises I can’t keep) – I prefer to just generally strive to be a better person all-round, within and outside of myself.  I would like to get into more charity events, however.  I’m going to also endeavour to become adept in the sharemarket and expand on my commercial knowledge.  I hope that wherever you are and whatever you resolve to do, I wish you all the best and thank you so much for reading my blog!

Here are some pictures of Cambodia.  It was the most amazing place – I spent most of my time in Siem Reap and stayed at the wonderful Heritage Suites.  I would go so far as to recommend going to Siem Reap just to stay at the Heritage, it was so amazing – the staff were fantastic, food was wonderful and the atmosphere was so relaxing.  The spa was wonderful too!  Angkor Wat is definitely a sight to see (sorry for no pics of Angkor Wat – I used my SLR, I’ll try to post pictures soon) – you cannot literally believe the jawdropping effect it has on you.  Even despite the swarms of tourists, I felt calmer and more at peace within the temple, and the structure itself is unbelievably intricate with scores of carvings.  Please go, you will not regret it!